Wednesday, April 20, 2011

This time tomorrow....

I'll be 4.5 hours from home! Tomorrow starts Easter Break!! My aunt is flying in from Wisconsin to spend her spring break with us!  I am so thankful for the long weekend and to hopefully get a sun tan by the pool!

Thankful for the special time that Easter represents.  I am so blessed and so thankful for what Christ did for us.

I promise I'll start blogging again - for real - soon!

These last few weeks are crazy busy.  I'm just 21 days away (weekends included) from finishing up my FRESHMAN YEAR! I am nearly a sophomore in college.  How crazy is that?!??!

Last night, we signed up for housing for next semester.  Talk about stressful!  There were over 200 people in a room and names were called slowly.  Brooke and I tried to be patient and wait to see if we would be able to get the room that we wanted.  I prayed so hard!  We were only 3 names below our friends that we hoped to room with.... so we basically were praying that no one else would sign up beside our friends name until our names were called.  Thankfully it all worked out and next semester Brooke and I will room with Jen and Emma! It's so exciting. We will be in a four person suite and each room mate pair will have their own bathroom.  We are excited to decorate and thankful that we will all get along!!! We will live in Hills next year, which is where I am now.  Same floor, just the opposite side of the hall!

Off to study for my biology test that is tomorrow (I'm leaving to go home right after I am done with the test!) Prayers are MUCH appreciated over this test. I am nervous but need to do well.  I know it will be fine, whatever the outcome is, but I still am worried about ALL the material that is on this test.  Thanks!!

Happy Easter!

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Beth said...

praying for you as you study for the test. Can't wait for you to come home and see us and sleep in your own bed. Love you