Tuesday, August 23, 2011

College: Year 2

Well, hello Sophomore Year! I can't believe you are already here. It is kind of strange seeing all the new freshmen and realizing that a year ago, I was one of them. I've already found a few perks of being an upperclassman:
-4 Person Suite
-Private bathroom with my roommate
-Knowing where everything is already, so no getting lost
-Living with people I like

Today, I am having a "blah" day. I'm tired and trying to gear up for classes tomorrow. Yesterday was a long day. I left home at 9 yesterday and got here around 3. It was 32482 degrees and I had a truck full of boxes to carry to the third floor. I had a little help which was really nice, but I was still a sweaty mess and it wore me out!

I got most of my room put together last night so I think it is all pretty much put together. I am excited that it didn't take too long.

Brooke and I are living with Jen and Emma. Emma is really creative and she and Jen had the living room/kitchen that we share all set up when Brooke and I got here. It is really cute and has a very homey feel to it.

Brooke and I went shopping together to get some cleaning stuff and a rug for our bathroom; we decided those were things that we couldn't live without. It was fun to hang out before our lives are taken over by school and homework for another semester.

Here are some pictures of our room, but keep in mind that we had just moved in. Emma wants to move some things around in our room yet, so it isn't finished yet!

This is our room; my bed is the one on the right. 
 Our living room/kitchenette/dining room. Emma set the table and used our initials as place settings!
 Our living room. There is a bookshelf on the left, the tv area, and the corner of the window. 
 Another view of the living room.
 The kitchenette. We have a full sized refrigerator, too!
 My cabinet in the kitchen. I have a box of spices still in my closet. I like to cook ;-)
It is tradition to have a bacon party. It's just something Jen and I do. So, the first night, we cooked bacon and had visitors in our room all night. I think people think we are crazy! 

So.... there you have it, a little tour of our room.... and a little update. Classes start tomorrow so, sophomore year, here I come!

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Beth said...

A cute little home away from home. I am excited that you have more space this year and like who you are living with! Love you lots!