Monday, February 25, 2013

"Blizzard Looks Worse Than The Last One..."

Yep, that's the headline on Yahoo News today...

This is the view outside my window right now...

I certainly would NOT classify rain as a blizzard... but what do I know? 

The best part of going to school in Oklahoma? When there is a threat of bad weather, class is cancelled. I walked into my Social Movements class today and the professor walked in 2 minutes after class was supposed to start and said, "Well, OU has cancelled their classes (OU is about 25 minutes from my campus) so I am canceling too." Apparently OU cancelled because of "ice" and "potential icy conditions" --- potential.... that means that nothing has happened yet... ay yi yi... So, I walked outside and saw this.... The Peniel (a main road through campus) Nile.... Bethany, Oklahoma has the worst drainage problem. But the point is, see that? It is just rain people.
I am not getting my hopes up but we are supposed to get some snow here tonight. I would not turn down an opportunity for a snow day tomorrow one bit, but I also am not counting on it. The school tends to be a tad paranoid so if there is a dusting of snow, classes probably will be delayed if not cancelled. 

I supposed we just wait and see if this storm really is "worse than the last one!" 

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Beth said...

At least you HAVE a chance to have a snow day. It would be nice to stay in your pj's all day, now, wouldn't it?