Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Snowy Day

Today we were so excited to see white stuff that it was difficult to sit through our chapel service. My friends Jen and Cory especially were having a hard time containing their excitement! Derek, another one of my friends, had class after chapel, but the rest of us didn't so we went out and played!

Jen, Kathleen, and me! 
Cory is from Florida...so bless his sweet heart, but he isn't used to the cold. His solution to ward off cold feet was to tie giant garbage bags around his socks. I guess they did keep his feet from getting wet... all the more power to him!  

We had some fun and made my car have "eyes" 

Me and my sweet sister walking to our 8AM class. We were loving the huge flakes. People thought we were crazy for not wearing coats, but it really wasn't that cold. The snow didn't stick around long and turned into slush! 
It sure was pretty while it lasted! 

Who is excited for Spring Break and sleep? Yours truly...

So, back to reality. Typing a paper for tomorrow as I sit watching the snow fall from my third floor window! Have a great day! 

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