Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Just a reminder...

God is good, isn't He?

That statement is something that is so simple, yet so profound. There are moments where I get overwhelmed in life, as we all tend to do. While I have come a long way, I still have a hard time completely trusting that God will have every detail covered. But, He never fails. Ever. Last week on spring break, I was reminded once again of His unfailing, never ending provision for my life. 

You see, I have been trying to find an internship for this upcoming summer. Since I graduate in December (really!?) and hope to find a job in the HR world, I really need some experience for my resume other than simply babysitting. I had an interview the first week of January that sounded so promising, exciting, and seemingly the perfect fit-- or so I thought. After three months of never hearing back despite the fact that I checked in with them often, I began to get discouraged.

Through having some connections in my hometown, I began searching for other potential options. Can I just stop right here and say that it truly is "who you know (not always what you know). In order to graduate, I need to fulfill an internship requirement for my school and I had some trouble finding a company/place that could work with me. 

Before spring break, I made a call to one of the places I had contacted due to a friend. I wanted to see if there was an opportunity for me there and see if I could stop in to meet the owner while I was home. Instantly, I knew while conversing with this lady that she was so sweet and eager to help. 

So, I contacted her and went to meet her on Thursday. First of all, she is a Christian and runs her business on Christian morals and values. She has a passion for people, but an even bigger heart for the kingdom. How neat is that? Embarrassing tidbit of the day: as I was getting ready, I tried to print out my requirements for school as well as a copy of my resume. Of course neither one of our two printers at home would connect-- my sister even tried to use two different computers to make it work. I was so embarrassed that I was unprepared for this meeting because I knew better... I have taken so many communication classes to know what to do for an interview and here I was. 

However, it wasn't even a problem. She did not even bring it up, and when I mentioned it, she told me I could email it if I wanted. She went on to say that without even seeing my resume, she would be delighted to have me help her this summer because she could tell that I had what she had been looking for.... THEN, (it gets better)- She just causally brought up that we would start with getting my class requirements out of the way and then she offered me a summer.job....paid..... really?    

Let me tell you... just a quick pop in visit to meet the owner turned into an hour long meeting. I left that place so excited and at peace that it was if God was reminding me that He already knew the outcome of this meeting when I was stressing out trying to get the printer to connect to the computer (why does technology have to be so finicky sometimes though?!). He knew that something would work out. He had it planned even though all I could see was how quickly summer is approaching and how without options I was. 

My sister and I went to visit my mom at school after I was done and I was so excited I am pretty sure I didn't stop smiling. I bet her students thought something was majorly wrong with me. Just a case of the Thursdays and being able to see God working even within a silly summer internship--no big deal. But, really... it is one. 

I am so thankful for continually being able to learn, always being able to grow in my walk with the Lord, and be reminded of such a simply promise that God will take care of my every need--even the smallest things. I am always open to learning, but sometimes it just takes me a while to remember. I am beyond grateful for an ever patient Creator. 

 “I have told you these things, so that in me you may have peace. In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world.” - John 16:33

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Beth said...

A simple(?) lesson in trust! So happy for you, sweetie! Plus that means you will be HOME for the summer! :-) Not being selfish or anything......