Sunday, August 2, 2009

I am extremely happy right now

UPDATE And, I must have pulled some muscle in my neck while tossing and turning, becasue now it is extrememly uncomfortable. I really will stop this pity party now.

So, here I sit at 4:45 in the MORNING. HOW EXTREMEMLY ANNOYING that I cannot sleep.

I woke up at 3 for some ABSURD reason. Why may you ask? I have no clue. I am beyond exhausted. Maybe just overtired?

To top it all off? The few hours that I did sleep, I must have been quite restless. Wanna know a huge pet peeve of mine? ALL OF THE SHEETS COMING OFF MY BED. Yes, that is what happened. Very joyfully, I remade the bed, and tried to go back to sleep. After a half an hour of tossing and turning, I turned to Home Shopping Network. Why? Becuase there is nothing but infomercials on at this time, because normal people sleep at this time.

My gramma on the other hand? She ENJOYS this part of the day. Nooooo thank you. I don't like NORMAL morning hours. Imangine how HAPPY I am going to be in the morning. Ok, I will really work on the attitude. What else is there to do now?

To top it allll off, I got hit pretty hard by allergies this week for some reason. I have been coughing up mucus. It has been pretty fun being all stuffed up, I do have to say.



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