Friday, October 8, 2010

Bacon Party

So, it's Friday. finally.

Yesterday, I got this amazing care package from my aunt.  Many people were jealous!  She seriously spoils me so much.  I am really blessed.  Thanks FAK, I love you!  You are the best.  I am enjoying your home cooked goodies :)  My grandparents threw in a few gift cards.  So blessed!  Thanks for thinking about me guys :)

This week has been crazy.  It feels like it went on forever and ever... so slow.

I have homework to do this weekend, of course!  I'm going to Tai Pei for lunch tomorrow too, I need a break from the Commons!

Last night, we had a bacon party... we cooked up some bacon and sat around talking.  It was pretty fun. Thanks Gramma for the bacon!  It was delicious.  Jennah, Jen and I are known as the "Bacon Girls" of the 5th floor.... many people say they can smell the bacon from the 2nd floor! Awesome :)

I am babysitting tonight!  I was referred by someone and they called me at 10pm last night.  Good thing I am pretty flexible. :)  So, I haven't met these people yet, but I will go watch their kids tonight. haha... Should be fun, and I'll earn some money too!

I need to wash my clothes.  Bad.  But the thought of carrying all of my clothes down all of those stairs is very unappealing.  sigh.

My coffee maker is broken.  It has been for 10 days.  I was starting to become a not-so-very-nice-person. haha, not really.  However, it was a tad frustrating that I couldn't get it fixed.  I spent countless hours on the phone with Keurig and after a lost part (got sent to a retirement home) and finally getting the company to see that my machine was indeed broken, a new coffee maker is coming to me!  As funny as it may seem, I miss that coffee maker!  I miss making coffee whenever I just want one cup, or two!  So, within 3-7 business days, I should be able to drink a cup of coffee (from my room!)

Well, off to find some yummy barely edible-food. Then off to play with some kiddos!


Beth said...

Miss Bacon Girl,
So glad you are spoiled by your Aunt Karen and G'parents. Enjoy your treats. I am glad that you played 'adult' this week and are getting a new coffee maker. You Go Girl.

Love you

Karen's Kitchen said...

Busy girl you are! Love to spoil you and hope you are enjoying your snacks! FAK

tom cottar said...

i just saw this week that you can now have chocolate, yes, CHOCOLATE-covered bacon!

CHOCOLATE, i tell you.

yessssssss, Jesus.