Wednesday, October 13, 2010


Long time no talk.

So, I was sitting in my room, working on homework, or trying to- when the whole building started shaking and it felt like it was swaying.  I stood up really fast because it felt like the floor was coming out from under me!  Everyone across campus felt it; in the science building, Herrick, the commons, and the boy's dorm... really freaky!  It was an earthquake.  Imagine that!  It only lasted like 20 seconds, but the my keys were still shaking for a little while after that.  At first, I thought something had to have hit the building or something, it was an odd feeling.

I texted my dad and he saw online that a 4.5 magnitude earthquake was centered in Norman, OK this morning.  Norman is about 30 minutes from where I am.

Here is the website that has more info. Crazy

The family that I babysit for posted on Facebook that their whole house was shaking.  They live 10-15 minutes away from me.

Thankfully nothing fell, but it was still freaky.

I have now experience my first earthquake.

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