Thursday, October 28, 2010

Rough Week

I haven't had the greatest week. It has been long, and I feel like it is dragging by so slowly. I would like to be at home. My attitude hasn't been the greatest. I haven't been as motivated as I should be. I am exhausted. Weary. Just plain 'tuckered' out. I took a break a little bit ago, and opened up my Bible (which I walked down 2356 stairs to get out of my car) and came across this verse. 

Isaiah 26:3-4
He will keep in perfect peace all those who trust in Him, whose thoughts turn often to the Lord! Trust in the Lord always, for in the Lord, Jehovah, is your everlasting strength.

Um, Hello? I often forget to fully trust in God. Trusting fully in God= strength for me. Why is that so hard to remember? When I feel so weak and feel like I cannot climb over another task- or up more stairs- why do I keep trying to do things on my own? Right here, it says to simply trust in the Lord. I don't have to do it alone. What great encouragement. My goal from now on is to seek the Lord for my strength more and more. By trying to do everything myself, I do get worn out. God already sees the bigger picture. Past my assignments tomorrow, past the lack of sleep, past the all the homework due. He wants me to turn to Him for the everyday strength.

I am thankful.


Karen's Kitchen said...

Like the verse and the attitude adjustment....Thanks for sharing it!! I needed it too!

Betsy Thibaudeau said...

Thinking of and praying for you!
Great verse!

Love yoU!

Beth said...

Jenna, you make me so very proud. So glad you turned to scripture and God to get an 'attitude adjustment'. A good nights sleep does a lot, too.
Love you.