Tuesday, November 9, 2010


dear friends.

15, I tell you! 15 days until I make the 6hr trek and will be home! YES! I am so ready. This week is hectic with much to get done so I cannot wait to be 'outta here'

Today I am signing up for my classes for next semester. Fun times. I think I have a pretty good schedule of what I would like to take. Each time I go to my advisor (where I am going in 30 minutes) I walk out feeling defeated and annoyed--- So I am praying today goes better!

Today was the first time since 9/28 that I could sleep in on a Tuesday! haha.. Instead of being up at 7, I was up at 8:15! I do think that daylight savings time has thrown me off a bit!

I made a 100 on the Bible verses I had to have memorized for yesterday. Score! I knew I was prepared when I walked into class so I wasn't stressed out about it.

Despite not going to observe at the school today, I have a very busy day ahead.

But, only 15 more days!

Happy Tuesday all!

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Beth said...

Can't wait for you to come home. I miss you. Let me know what you are hungry for and I will have the ingredients here. Now it is only 14...or is it 13?