Wednesday, November 10, 2010

I made it out alive.

I signed up for classes yesterday with my advisor. I made it out alive; in case you were worried. She did tell me that I shouldn't expect to see much daylight next semester... I though that was encouraging... ha.

I did laundry yesterday afternoon because it was piling up. I did not enjoy carrying it up all those stairs. Just saying... It is a daunting task that I do not enjoy. I have to stop and take breaks to check Facebook on floor 3. It's pathetic. Oh well, all my clothes are clean. I just keep remembering that next semester laundry will be on my floor- no stairs for me!

I ran out of ice yesterday while working on homework. It was a sad, sad day. No worries though; I filled the ice cube trays and they were ready in no time- well, before bed!

Guess what?!?! only 13 days until I go home (Not counting today of course!) that means only 12 more "sleeping times" here! I'm pretty excited. Not going to lie! Only 5 days until my B-day.... i'll be 19. Crazy! It will be hard to be away from my family, and my birthday is on a Monday. I hope it is still a good day!

I am getting ready to run to a conference with my Speech prof. I'm a little nervous. I'm sure that it will be fine though. :)

Is it the weekend yet?!


Kacie said...

Man, it will be weird to have my birthday here when not many people know...I still have until March but it's definitely strange to think about.

Beth said...

I am so glad that you made it through alive after signing up for your classes! Daylight is over rated in the winter! :-) I canNOT believe I will have a 19 year old next week. Where did the time go. Love you lots!