Saturday, November 20, 2010


It's Saturday! That means I go home in THREE days!!

My roommate is gone this weekend, so I have the room to myself! It is really nice to just do whatever I want.  I slept in today which was nice; I think I could have slept all day.  I started the coffee, mudslide for me today!

I'll work on homework all day and try to get everything accomplished, maybe even take a nap! I'd really like to go to bed early tonight, 1am was a little too late.

I am craving some real food. Like my mom's cooking. 3 days, only 3 days. haha... I am sure that the Common's is out to get me.


Kacie said...

I think we are practically the same person, haha! My roommate is gone this weekend, I have 3 days before I can go home, and I'm complaining about the food in our Commons! We can make it!

Jenna Johnson said...

That's too funny! We have a lot in common! Are you enjoying school? I am ready for the semester to be over! I get done on 12/17