Saturday, November 20, 2010

Guess what?!

I had the BEST birthday surprise ever.

I was just finishing classes on Friday (last week) and was in the basement of the Common's with Jen, when I got a text from my sister. She just had asked what I was doing, so I said "not much, sitting in Pop's with Jen." Literally 3 minutes later, my sister WALKS in and sits next to me. I am pretty sure I screamed. maybe not... I think I just stared at her like she was crazy. I start asking if she just drove up here and why she was here. Then, I follow her to the car and my WHOLE family is there, including my Grandparents. CRAZY. I was so shocked. They didn't want me to spend my birthday alone- isn't that the sweetest thing ever? They came to stay for the weekend. It was a God-Thing, because I didn't have any homework that I had to do!

I checked out of my dorm for the weekend and stayed in the hotel with them.  We went to dinner and then to tour the new dorm here on campus.  We went back to the hotel and I took a shower... when I came out of the bathroom, my dad was gone! My mom said that he was having trouble with his laptop and went to the Dell campus not too far from where we were staying.  I thought nothing of it! He was texting my mom (I found out this was all a lie :D) that he couldn't get in the building because he didn't have his badge.. blah, blah, blah.  BUT REALLY, he was texting her that my aunt's plane was late.

MY AUNT FLEW ALL THE WAY FROM WISCONSIN TO SEE ME OVER MY BIRTHDAY. that's right.  She came and knocked on the hotel door at midnight and when I opened it, I screamed. Like full out shrieked. AND, get this.... she took the day off work on Monday so she could be with my on my actual birthday!  Needless to say, I was so blown away they all would do this for me.  I have no idea how they all kept it such a surprise, I had no idea.

We had an amazing weekend and Karen went to my classes with me on Monday.  We went to lunch and Borders and then I had to take her to the airport :(

Such a great time.

Thank you everyone for doing that for me. Definitely the best birthday ever. I love you all!!


Beth said...

I had to do a lot of confessions after all the lies I told! :-) It was so very much fun to surprise you, not only once, but two times! We love you!

Karen's Kitchen said...

loved that I could come and see you and spend your birthday with you.........You are special FAK

Betsy Thibaudeau said...

:)So awesome!!!
Glad you had a great birthday weekend.

Anonymous said...

I thought I'd commented on this! Sad day. Well...You're welcome for being surprised :)
Love you and I'm glad you're home now!