Friday, December 10, 2010

It's Finally Friday

This morning started out with getting up and ready for Bib Lit... we reviewed for our Final that is on Monday... then I went and handed in my final two English papers of the semester.  A bakery across the street was giving away free breakfast this morning so Jen and I went and checked it out.  We had so much food, and it was indeed free! I have donut holes and a coffe cupcake leftover for tomorrow! SCORE.

Today, I gave my speech. It went way better than I expected it to. I am praying I at least made an ''a''- I feel really good about it regardless though. The best thing? last one :D

I need to get enough energy to go do laundry now...

My weekend will consist of:

-Studying for finals.

Happy Weekend!

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Beth said...

Sleep is good. Then end is in sight! I am so proud of you.