Monday, December 13, 2010

One down, Two to go!

Took my first final today..... I felt confident walking in this morning. And I have received half of the grade. I am pleased with it! I have one final tomorrow and one on Wednesday and I am finished.

This afternoon I am studying and packing up my room. I have to pack everything up for the big move on Friday! It is kinda a pain to have to pack up the whole room, but it's gotta be done.

My family is coming up on Thursday and Kathleen will spend the night in the dorm with me! Last night in Hatley! Whoo hoo!

Next semester it will be different having someone live on top of me. One plus to climbing all the stairs to the 5th floor is there is no one above us. Oh well! It will be a new, fun experience. I'll live on 3rd floor!

I am so excited to not have to eat Common's food after Friday. I'll get a whole month off.

I think I'm going to go make a trip to my car now!


Karen's Kitchen said...

YEAH! The end of your first semester is almost here......Flew by quickly. Looking forward to seeing you in 4 or 5 sleeping times.....

Beth said...

Are you napping yet??? :-)
So glad you are almost done with the semester. Tell your auntie Karen what you want to eat and you can help her make it when we get there! :-) I am thinking we will have to do Amico's with Jim and Linda.....maybe I should tell them that....or you should! :-)