Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Here I Go!

Whew! Another semester of crazy! I am pretty sure that I am the ONLY student that actually reads each chapter of each book that we are assigned.... It STILL amazes me that people seriously do not care about learning, or getting good grades. Isn't that why we are paying all this money?

One kid yesterday in one of my classes said, "good. it's an online class... I can make everything up." seriously? Is this really the future of America?!?!??! Keep it classy, folks. The things people do sometimes really makes me nervous!

I have just been plugging along. A lot of reading, and already a lot of assignments. I am REALLY enjoying my night class... I have it for the second time tomorrow night and already have a quiz in it. I got most of my assignments written in my date book for the whole semester, so I already feel a lot more organized.

My Intercultural Communication class is interesting. The professor seems really lost each time we have been to class. We had an assignment due yesterday, that a lot of people didn't really know about....because he NEVER once said when it was due. I went ahead and did the assignment with one of my friends, but that's only because I hate procrastinating and it was an easy paper. However, I can easily see how frustrating that this course will be if we never know the due dates or even what we have to do. It'll be an adventure for sure!

I still haven't started one of my classes, Literature. It is an online class that is supposed to start on the 23rd... I haven't really heard anything about that yet, but I think it should be fun!

I applied to be an RA next year. I won't know for a while yet if I am even a candidate, but I saw the opportunity and thought I'd at least try it out!

Allergies in Oklahoma really aren't any different than cedar fever in Texas! Wow, seriously...I haven't remembered having my allergies drag on and out this long for a while! Oh well, I am really enjoying the 27 degree mornings. I just love the cool weather, I could do without the wind though. Oklahoma needs to work on that!

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Beth said...

Cedar is VERY high here today, so TX isn't any better than OK!

We are so very proud of you and how hard you work. Keep it up. Love you!