Friday, January 13, 2012

Oh dear!

Happy 2012!

I cannot believe I have been such a horrible blogger! I also cannot believe that a new semester has started and I am well on my way to being half way done with my undergrad program!

I had such a wonderful, and much needed Christmas break. It was wonderful to see my aunt and my grandparents who flew down to Texas from Wisconsin. We all celebrated Christmas in sunny Texas! It was different not going back to WI, but nice that we didn't have to sit in the car for a 20 hour drive!

I was able to babysit some sweet kids too, while I was home. I really had missed them and enjoyed getting caught up with them. However, they have all grown WAY too much. Something special was being able to Skype with my three favorite D's who now live in Virginia. We were able to talk for a half hour and those cuties caught me up on their lives. Makes me sad to see what were once babies, growing up!

I'm excited for this coming semester and all the blessings that will come along with it. I'm sitting here drinking yet another cup of coffee, enjoying this Friday afternoon and prolonging doing homework!

Have a blessed weekend!

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Beth said...

Enjoy your coffee breaks this semester. We are very proud of all you have accomplished. Love you bunches!