Friday, January 20, 2012

Life is Short

Today is Friday. Yet, instead of being excited for the weekend, my heart is broken. I received a text this morning saying that a dear family member had pulled off the road on his way to work, called 911, then called his wife and passed out. From what I understand he never woke up, and it seems he had a heart attack.

I sat through my classes and tried to concentrate through my tears. My heart was breaking for Kip's wife and his precious children. Children who are now forced to grow up without their father. It is so easy to ask why when things like these happen. Why him, why now? As hard as it is to see the reason now, God has a great plan for those kids, with or without their dad. The impact his life has made on them up until today will stick with them throughout their lives. I know that right at this moment Kip is rejoicing with Jesus up in Heaven and how could I begin to question God's plan. I know by his life that he was a Christian and he is in such a better place right now than he was this morning.

However, it is still hard for me to start rejoicing right now when I feel so sad. It is hard to lose a family member, it is hard to be too many miles away to do anything, it is hard. But, there is a plan. There is a purpose, and I know God has his hand on the Blair family. Today, heaven became a better place, even admits the suffering here on earth by loved ones.

So, while it is alright for me to cry and be sad, I am thankful that I can see the big picture, and know the hope that I will see this great man again some day. I am thankful that Kip was a child of God, and that was evident in his life.

Life is short. Am I living my life to it's full purpose? How am I doing to make sure that I don't take this life for granted?

Please keep the Blair family in mind and my family as well. It is so tough to be far away in situations like these. I feel stuck at school when my heart wants to jump in my car and drive to Wisconsin so badly to be with my family.

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Karen's Kitchen said...

love you! Nice tribute to Kip and the impact he has made in his kids lives!