Sunday, January 22, 2012

Macadamia nuts.

I believe I may be allergic to them as well as hazelnuts. Just in case you were wondering.

I bought these the other day because I thought they'd be a quick breakfast before class. They are just granola bars with a chocolate bottom, but the label says there are macadamia nuts in there too. Thats the only "odd" thing in there i can think of that i might be allergic to. I felt kinda funny after I ate one but I didn't think much other than I was tired and school food always makes me feel funny.

However, tonight around 10 I was hungry because I didn't really eat dinner so I ate one, took some excedrin migraine medicine because my head was pounding and sat down. Totally the same thing that happens with Nutella happened. Tongue and throat feel odd and I can't get a deep breath!! So, I texted my mom and age asked my aunt who is a nurse if I could take benedryl even though I had taken excedrin already. (bad timing on my part). Apparently it's ok, so now I'm all drugged up but still don't feel well enough to lay down and sleep. Sigh. So, I'm blogging and I'm gonna watch netflix for a bit. Class in maƱana and praying I feel better.

This week was FULL of nonstop homework. I got a lot accomplished but I have a lot to do's a good thing I like to study and learn new things!

Anyway, if you want two boxes of these bars let me know. I had a coupon so that's why I have so many but it's not worth it for me to eat them again!

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