Thursday, June 11, 2009

Go away Thunder!

We had some major storms tonight.

I do not care too much for the lightning and thunder, ok. pretty much just the lightning. I'm a baby when it comes to storms. We had a really severe one here tonight. My grandparents got stuck in the Atlanta airport and were delayed an hour or more. They are getting to Austin at 11:45. Late night!

My dad was home, he has this odd calming effect to him. haha. He was laughing at me(which i didnt appreciate too much) for being so frightened! oh well.

So, we sat on the back porch and watched the for a bit. I think it has stopped raining. But, is still lightning. The grass better be super green. haha


Betsy Thibaudeau said...

I hate thunderstorms!!!!!

Did you take that picture of the lightning???

Jenna Johnson said...

mee too...

no, i just found it online. I could have taken it tho... the lightning was so close!
(the picture is from the storm the other night.. someone else just took it)