Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Stress Reliever?!

So, as you all pretty much know, I have been busy with Geometry... It is SO fun! I am getting to the end and I wish the end was here... Now!

So, Here I sit, another day. Let the count down begin... 5 (school) days....

I am not really ''stressed out'' but just worn out, I really love this soap from Bath and Body, and I guess I never noticed that it says Stress reliever. I don't really think it works, but it still smells good!

I started really working intensely on Geometry, June 1st. Here is my little calendar to check off each lesson.

Here is where I am now! Only 4 (school days) after today intil I am done.

Since we are still on the beautiful topic of

I thought I would share with you my lovely post it note, and my books. FUN STUFF

(so I know where to find my page... duh)
(I have to have some fun as I sit here day in and day out....)

And In closing, my new favorite thing.

Vacation, please come quickly.


Karen's Kitchen said...

Bless your heart!!!!!!! You will soon be on vacation and will get to see your FA!!!! I will even make you chick-filet!!!!!!!!!!

Beth said...

The END is in sight. Just keep swimming!