Thursday, June 11, 2009

These days...

I really have been meaning to update more than I have... not that many people read it... but, anyways...

My life seems to consist of this these days.

and then some more of this.

and then finally, some of this.

Yes, These days, my life consists of Geometry and a little sleep.

I am living and breathing geometry.

I really don't mind doing it, but it is so time consuming. I wake up at 7 every morning, now, those who know me, know that I am not a morning person. But, without fail. Every morning at 7, I awake, without an alarm. And work on Geometry. I am counting down the days. I have 15 days left of it... I can do it!, Can't I?

My grandparents fly in late tonight from Wisconsin. They will stay until Tuesday... I feel bad, but I will have to continue working on school while they are here... Otherwise, I will end up having to take it with on vacation.

It is a very dreary day here today. It is pretty hard to stay motivated... hence the blogging break. I guess it will be 102 degrees and will feel like 105 degrees. Whoo hoo.. I spose it is a good thing I will be inside working on this
Well, I better get back to this ..

I really don't mind all the long hours and sitting here alone at my desk.

I need Sonic.


Beth said...

You will survive this, I am sure. I am proud of you for working so hard. At least you WILL finish before you start 12th grade! :-)

Betsy Thibaudeau said...

Aww... Jenna - you can see the light at the end of the tunnel now! :-)
I hope you are able to continue to perservere through it, I'm sure you will.

Anonymous said...

Awww..J You are cute. All your pictures on your blog :P You WILL Finish! You're halfway done already!