Friday, November 13, 2009

Fabulous Friday

Today is just another ordinary Friday. One step closer to the weekend. Two steps closer to my birthday :D

Today, we will do school and babysit.

My grandma is in a exercise kick. I am proud of her. I really am! She has been doing this 5 mile walk video for as long as I can remember for a few years now. She brought it with on vacation. Now that's dedication.

Well, Kathleen and I don't do this said 5 mile walk video. We do the Biggest Loser Cardio Max one. I've been doing this for over a year now. Kathleen I think since before school started. It is quite a workout. A workout that I prefer to do in my room, behind closed doors. But, for some reason, we had to prove to my gramma that we do work out. (I don't think she thinks we do...)
So, because it is indeed a Fabulous Friday we did a family work out today. how fun is that? I don't believe my gramma thought it was as difficult as she soon found out.

I have to babysit tonight. late.

So, on this Fabulous Friday, I am going to finish up my school work and enjoy the day.

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