Thursday, November 5, 2009


I caved in. I bought a snuggie.

Only the one I bought, is brown. Not red.

But WAIT! Order now, and you get a book light! A $19.99 value, yours FREE!

Alas, the book light doesn't work. I think I will need to go buy new batteries. Haha

I didn't order if off the TV. I was in HEB the other day and noticed that if you bought a snuggie, you got a free 6pk of Snapple, popcorn, and some nacho cheese thing. I have always wanted to try a snuggie, since you know it is FREEZING here all the time. ha and figured since the Snapple itself was $7, why not. All in all, instead of being $20, it rang up for $14. Nifty huh?

It's in the wash right now. Because it smells. as if you really needed to know that.

I had expected there to be a back on it, but it's wide open! haha.. It does work well if you are on the couch watching TV though. You just tuck it behind you. I think I will see if I can hitch up a little Velcro thing-a-mag gig for the back. It seems that it would make more sense to have closed in the back.


Betsy Thibaudeau said...

My aunt bought a Snuggie the other day and loves it. Her booklight didn't work either, must be a cheap booklight! haha...

I'm half tempted to buy one myself... what would Nathan think?!

Jenna Johnson said...

Haha.. Who knows!

Go for it :D
You know im not one to be cold, but it sure is a neat idea. Wish I would have invented it. haha...