Tuesday, November 10, 2009


We heard back. They assume that his cold, viral infection, from last week, traveled right down to his leg and is agitating it. The doctors said that when you have a joint replaced in your body, that the infections heads right to that spot right away. So. All is well, he is just not to excercise it, or agitate it too much. Thanks for prayin!

Original Post:

Please keep my Grampa in your thoughts and prayers today. He has a doctors appointment for his knee since it is giving him problems.

My grandparents are flying down here, to Texas tomorrow for my birthday. I hope that they can still do that, and my grampa wont be in pain.

He has had surgery on this knee three times. He has already had staph infection in this knee when something broke from the first knee replacement.

His appointment is at 11:30 today, so if you think about him, just send a little prayer his way.

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