Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Just Thinking

Wow! It's Wednesday already! Tomorrow is Thanksgiving!
Crazy. A month until Christmas.

What are you thankful for this year? I am so thankful for health, my family, my friends, clothes, beds, warm showers, cranberry sierra mist, and SO much more. I could sit here for an hour and just list all the things that I am blessed with.

I think that sometimes we get so caught up in our every day lives that we forget how fortunate we truly are. So this thanksgiving, lets remember to truly give thanks.

I have been feeling down and out lately realizing that this holiday season I won't be going home to Wisconsin. We aren't traveling back for Christmas this year. No snow, no family gatherings, no seeing all my wonderfully amazing friends, no snow. (did i mention I'd like to go home :D)- It'll be the first time we aren't going to spend Christmas in Wisconsin, and that's a little hard to grasp. It is hard to get in the Christmas mood (or Thanksgiving) when it is 70 degrees out. Who wants to put snowmen out, or a tree for that matter when you're wearing shorts?

But, it all goes back to the ''thankful'' part. We are all healthy, I'm going to be with (some) my family, we are truly blessed.

My dad started this little thing a few years ago, where before we'd even pray for our food at dinner, we'd go around the table and find something we are thankful for from that day. As silly as it sounds, or as little as it sounds, it really makes you find one thing (or more) of what you are thankful for!

Have a great day tomorrow with your family! Eat lots of turkey for me, since I don't like it! haha.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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