Sunday, November 29, 2009

One letter on my keybord doesnt work...

Cn you guess which one? :D

The letter 'a' silly!

How, you may ask then, is an 'a' showing up?

My genius sister and daddy! They hooked up an external keyboard! So I type just like normal on the laptop, but when I come to an 'a', i just plunk down on the external keyboard.. Easy Peasy! :D I am glad they are so smart!

We are in the process of changing computers around in our house. My old laptop was dying. So we were able to switch around few and 'voila!' All is well!

So, not really anything special to blog about! I guess a new keyboard is on it's way and then the 'a' key should work!

haha :D


Anonymous said...

Ha ha..You forgot to mention, that your genius sister spilled a little water on the keyboard causing the 'a' to not work, and it to sometimes think you are pressing F12. Don't worry...It was only a $20 dollar mistake. :)

tintenpatronen said...
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