Thursday, September 8, 2011


Fall is one of my favorite times of the year. I love the cooler weather (even if Oklahoma is going to be full of hot temperatures again soon), the changing leaves, the I-can-go-outside-without-sweating-for-a-second concept, and so much more. I love heading outside to enjoy the beauty that seems so evident along with the cooler weather.

One thing I really miss about Wisconsin is the bonfires that we had with our neighbors, or even just on random nights with my family. Strange, but I really enjoyed them and found the warmth of the fire really relaxing. Because we are having a severe drought in Texas, and I'm in Oklahoma, bonfires are not realistic. Sigh, that is one thing that just screams Fall to me. I miss them.

I can't wait to have a mug of hot apple cider and enjoy the early morning breeze on my way to classes. I will not miss sweating just walking across campus! Fall break is something that I'm totally looking forward to also!

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Karen's Kitchen said...

It is fall in WI right now!!! I would like to have a smore from a nice fire !