Friday, September 2, 2011

Guess Who is HOME?!

I made it home this afternoon and have had such an amazing afternoon. There really is no place like home. So thankful that I'm able to come home for the long weekend. I've only been at school for like 12 days, but I'm looking forward to sleeping in my bed more than you know.
I've had an eventful past week; including being stuck in an elevator for a while with 13 other people. One thing that will go down in my "experiences-jenna-had-while-in-college"-- I feel like I could write a book!
I am now two weeks into my classes. I really am enjoying them, so I feel like that is a huge blessing. My living space is so nice too! I can tell it's going to be a much better year.
Feeling extremely blessed tonight to be home. While the dorm life is better this semester, home is so nice! Very thankful for Labor Day off of school! Praying the traffic isn't horrible for my drive back on Monday!
Have a happy weekend!

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