Tuesday, April 28, 2009

I love my dad.

hahaha. I just was talking to my dad. And I heard this really funny story. Its real!

So, last night, my dad said that he swore (except he doesn't) that he heard Gracie, our dog, peeing on cardboard. hahahaha.. At three this morning, Gracie was barking to go outside, so my mom got up and let her out. My dad noticed she wasn't in the bed anymore and when she came back, my dad said, '' So, did you get it all cleaned up?'' My mom was like, what? I let Gracie out.... He then said, ''no, did you get all the cardboard cleaned up, i wouldn't want to clean that up...'' My mom then said, ''Gracie went outside, honey... she is inside now.''

hahahaha. it was much funnier when he told it. I just thought it was hilarious that he knew that he heard Grace peeing on cardboard, then Grace decided that she had to go outside... hmmm... It made my night. Ahem

(GRRRR. I was going to put pictures on here, but Kathleen took all my pictures off my computer. GR.)

SOOOOOO. THANK GOODNESS FOR FACEBOOK AND COPY AND PASTE. ---- I just saved pictures offffff facebook back to my computer so I could put them on here, then just delete them, since I have them somewhere else already!!! WHOO HOO. I did it!!
These pictures, just seem appropriate for this post. -the end.

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