Friday, April 3, 2009


Alright, So. I have my laptop here while I am babysitting. I am going to work on school, but thought I would do a quick update!

Here are a few pictures I took the last night with the Halles. We had such a FUN FUN week with them, we were sad to see them leave today.

The Polands came right as the Halles left, a bit hectic. But worked out just fine!

I ended up babysitting tonight for a family I don't know. I was recommended by word of mouth. I got here at 5:30. Right when the parents left, Lisel started screaming. Uncontroablly. I have been babysitting for 6 years. Alot of differnt kids I have sat for. I have never seen a baby (10 months old) scream for that long. I tried a walk, bottle, diaper change, teething ring, books, walking, rocking, sitting, standing, bouncing, singing... nothing soothed her. it was a bit crazy, after calling the parents, who felt so bad. I called my parents to see if they had any ideas. I felt so bad that she was crying! This family has never had a babysitter before me, I hope this didn't turn them off to babysittiers. I just thought it weird to not have a pacy, fav toy or blanket. We will see. She fell asleep without being in her nighttimne diaper or jammies, but hey, she is sleeping. We will see if she wakes up again.

We were spose to babysit for MOPS this morning, but didn't with all the company we are having, we decided not to work it this week. I felt bad, becasue that was three teachers. My mom and K run the babys/ones. And I teach the 2/3s by myself. I have no idea what they did. It is a hard job to do! Oh well, I didn't worry about it! It was nice to have a bit of a break.

We are hoping that Karen will come on down for her Spring Break. Maybe we could head ot Corpus Christi to the beach. We will see!

Lisel is still sleeping! WHOO HOO!

I am going to try to work on some school!!!

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Beth said...

You have a knack for taking pictures! Love it.