Friday, April 17, 2009

It seems

I am always tired these days. It feels like go go go go go go and go some more.

Today was MOPS, I taught my class, but had to leave early to go babysit somewhere else. I have 9 kiddos for 3 hours. Talk about exhausting! They were pretty well behaved for the most part. I gave my number to three other moms, I am sure that I will be getting some more ''business'' soon!

I got sunburned this past weekend. I never get sunburned. And to top things off, all my skin is peeling. Like CRAZY. At this rate, I will have no skin by Sunday. I look hilarious. I don't quite understand it either. It is pretty nasty. haha. Oh well. The price I pay for beauty.

I plan on staying up late tonight to work on schoolwork and sleeping in tomorrow. I was really really hoping that I could stay in my pjs tomorrow. But I am going to work at Dana's tomorrow night. So, I have until 4:30 or so... haha. I have so much to get done. GRRRR... oh well


Beth said...

You will get things done--don't stress. I love your are a beautiful young woman!

Jenna Johnson said...

Thank you momma! I love you!