Thursday, April 23, 2009

Practicing what I Preach..

Not that I actually preach or anything... Ahem.

In all seriousness, I am simply going to live out what I say. I like to think that in many things, I do do this... (do do. hm.) But, I am human and cannot be perfect. So, there are things that need to be worked on.

-I do need to stand up for myself more.
-I do need to actually trust Him , wholeheartedly, not in just the few things i don't mind giving up. I mean, how else am I learning to lean on Jesus and that He WILL see me through. If it is in His plan? How would that work if I am trying to control everything myself?

Just something to think on as I will be working on them.

On a lighter note, Sonic tomorrow. YUM. What shall I have?! We will see if a certain someone does show up this time. Ahem Then Babysitting tomorrow night. Then babysitting Saturday night... And the BBQ thing on Sunday.

I have actually been babysitting alot this week. Just at pretty convenient times. It was been nice. I will be babysitting for a total of 5 times this week. I am pretty popular it seems! hee hee.. just kidding. But it has been going well.

I am off to work on school for a bit, I don't think I will get out of my pjs until 2:30, maybe even 2:36. Just saying. Oh the JOYS of homeschooling... oh, I think we will leave that for another blog post!

* I got my haircut when Karen was here...


(please ignore the squinty eyes.. it was sunny) (but it is just to show that I got about 5 inches cut off...)

*Also, just putting out there that I do not wear orange every day, these pictures were taken about 2 weeks apart, and I know I have sunglasses on my head in the picture, I should have used them. next time.

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Beth said...

you look good in orange. I am very proud of the bold young lady you have grown into. I am glad that you CAN stand up for yourself. God is good, all the time. Lean on HIM and he will provide. I love you