Saturday, September 18, 2010

Laundry Time!

It's that time again, laundry time. :) I have no cell service in the basement, so I must blog! haha.

I feel like I've been so busy lately.  I can't imagine my life with the math class still!

I still feel homesick.

Only 13-14 days until I see my family!!! I am so excited. They are coming up here for Parent's weekend and I will check out of Hatley and stay with them in the hotel. YES!

Last night, I had a little adventure! A friend called me at 11pm and said she needed to go to the hospital! She doesn't have a car and needed a ride.  We headed over to the hospital and stayed until 3:30 this morning! Everything is alright, but it was a LONG night.  I had taken NyQuil right before she called me and I was sure tired this morning.  I wasn't able to sleep in this morning, and was up every hour!

Exciting times for sure!

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Beth said...

Praying you have an uneventful EARLY night tonight. You are a good friend. I love your sweet spirit.