Monday, September 27, 2010

Teacher Observation

....starts tomorrow!

I'm pretty exciteddddd :)

I should really go to bed though. It's 11:15.  Pretty sure I have to get up at 7:15 too, ok... maybe 7:30 :)

I'm sitting in Jennah and Jen's room.  They let me hang in here a lot. They are pretty nice like that.

They got fish today.  Someone down our hall decided they didn't want Tom and Jerry anymore, so Jennah and Jen adopted them and gave them new names.  The Situation and Todd have a new home and a freshly cleaned tank. (it was pretty gross)

I typed up my government key terms for my test on Thursday- ahead of schedule. So tomorrow if I have free time, I can study them!  Tomorrow will be a busy day. I will leave the school at 8 and I wont get back to my room until 3! I think tomorrow will be a Sonic happy hour type of day!

I better go to bed now!

two posts in one day. exciting!

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