Monday, September 27, 2010

Monday, Monday!

It's laundry time again!  Jennah and I are sitting in the basement, waiting for washers to be done!  We should be doing our government homework, but here we sit, blogging!
Today, we had chapel.  Usually chapel is Tuesday and Thursday.  It is switched around this week, for a special speaker -John M. Perkins, I believe!  He made some pretty good points this morning.  I think he is speaking again tonight, but I just realized I have homework I need to get done before the tomorrow evening.  I have a pretty busy day planned for tomorrow.  I start the Teacher Observation at 8:30 in the morning, have two classes and then homework!  Fun times!
Last night Cory, Jennah, Jen and I went to Chipotle for a late dinner.  We missed dinner at the Commons, so we decided to head on over for a burrito bowl.  I've become addicted to the vegetarian bowl.  I'm pretty sure I could be a vegetarian.  Not joking!
Comp class was canceled today, and I had a Speech test.  Not quite sure how I did, but I think it went better than I expected.
I am missing my family, of course.  I'm pretty excited that I see them Friday.  Pretty excited to check out of the dorms and stay in the hotel with them too.
I better go and start on this government homework.  I have a feeling it will take me a while.
So, that was how my day went. the end.


Karen's Kitchen said...

sounds like a good day. At least you didn't have a girl puke all over her desk first thing this morning......WE had to leave the room. Anxious to see how your day goes at your school observation.....

Beth said...

Now....if you could have snuck a nap in there somewhere.....:-) At least you have clean clothes now.

Will be praying for you tomorrow