Wednesday, September 22, 2010


My 8am class was canceled today! YES! I got to sleep in, a little at least.  I went to Comp 1 and Speech and was done for the day.  I went to lunch.  Ate cereal.  It is pretty much the only edible thing there.  I tried to eat a sandwich but it was no good.  And some chinese chicken salad, but that shouldn't have been classified as a salad.  I came back up to my room, studied for a while, and then went to Panda Express with Jennah!  We decided that we needed to actually eat something normal.  It was so yummy.  Jennah and I drove around for a while.  We went to Hobby Lobby, this amazing $1 jewelry store, and drove by Aldi.  OH! And we drove by this school that I am supposed to observe at- starting Tuesday.  I am pretty excited about this, not going to lie.  I think it will be such fun to sit in on a 2nd grade classroom and be around kids.  
Jennah and Jen match today... they are both wearing green.  Funniest thing is, they don't even realize it.  They are twins! :) 
I have a quiz in Government tomorrow. Pretty much not excited for that.  It is my only class tomorrow though. Score!


Jennah said...

hahahaha creeper! i totally didn't notice that we were both wearing green until now...and i had to think about it foreverrr.

Karen's Kitchen said...

Have a good day and take a nap. Excited for you to go to a school and see what it is like. You will need to give me some ideas to use with my "hood" kids. Love, FAK

Beth said...

I am so glad you ate real food. In 1 week we will stock you up on real food for your little fridge. Love you and miss you.