Monday, March 23, 2009

Birthdays and Bible Study

Happy Birthday to Daddy! :) We are going to meet him for lunch today at Red Robin. He gets a free lunch ya know.

Then tonight we have Bible Study. I actally got it all done! Whoo hoo for time to do things. :)

I am babysitting tomorrow and then the company starts Friday. I am doing pretty good on the school work!

The weather is beautiful! A bit windy, but still warm nonetheless.

The neighbors got a new Shitzu puppy yesterday. His name is Bear and he is sooooo cute! He is only 2 pounds or something crazy like that. Gracie was so cute as a puppy! I can still remember when we got her! Soooo cute.

I am working on school all day today, and surprisingly, I am excited for it. I won't ever take for granted time anymore. haha.


Beth said...

I thought about knocking on the neighbors' door to see if the puppy could come out to play.....he IS cute. Maybe we should have gotten a puppy for dad's present!

Anonymous said...

Actually, the puppy's name is LoBo ;)