Sunday, March 29, 2009

So So SOOO Much Fun!!

We are having a blast with the Halles here! I was planning on uploading pictures tonight, but it is getting late, I have to work tomorrow, and my battery on my laptop is getting dangerously low. I think God is telling me to go to bed. ;-)

We didn't go to church today, and chose to have homemade b-fast tacos. We tried chrizo, and LOVED it! We bought 9 more links to have in the freezer!! Very yummy.

It was a beautiful 75 degrees here today, while WI had 7-8 inches of snow to shovel. Mark and Cindy were not missing it one bit! We headed downtown to Central Market to listen to the Jitterbug... something..? It was a free concert and was pretty good. The main singer reminded me of Meghan Joy from AI.

Tomorrow I have to work, from 9-3 or so. My parents and Kathleen, and the Halles are heading downtown Austin to the Bob Bullock Museum. I am sad to not be able to go, but we will have the rest of the week. So I am super excited!

We laughed all night long! It was awesome. I wish they could move closer! hee hee.

Last night with the Grosheks was awesome! We showed Dave and Debbie Mario Kart on the Wii, and for never playing it before, they were awesome! It was fun to have dinner with them too. You can't go wrong with Chuys!

Tomorrow, I will upload pictures, since I won't have any from tomorrows adventure.

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