Saturday, March 7, 2009

I am finally getting it through my head

That it is ok to stand up for myself and I need to do that more often. I have really been struggling these last few weeks.. Alot. I feel guilty about saying no. and I can't do that, I really can't.

I have always known that I have the best family out there. But, I really do. haha. My daddy is always so extremely comforting and calming. Even if he has no compassion and sympathy whatsoever. haha. My mom is amazing. I really am thankful for all she does. And I don't care what anyone thinks. I have the BEST sister in the world. She puts up with me, when I am a pain in the butt. The best sister ever.

So anyways. I am starting to take action of my own life. I don't and will not let other people run my schedule for me.

That was me talking to myself. just a fact.

the end.


Anonymous said...

Jen, I love you! You are my best friend..FYI!

Beth said...

Good for you! I am proud of the young lady you have become. Don't let anyone walk all over you.